Adrianne Brennan (adriannebrennan) wrote in eroticgothic,
Adrianne Brennan

Whee! A fun contest!

I had a photo shoot with my friend/photographer recently, and this was one of many photos produced from it:

The pictures are for a new author bio pic for myself, cause I write goth/vampire paranormal erotic romance novels. Naturally goth shots (like the one in my userpic) are apt. Given my wardrobe and how I prefer to dress, this is definitely not hard. ;)

What is hard is CHOOSING which picture to use as my new pic. I suck at decision making.

So, eroticgothic, help me out here. In return, you could win a gift certificate to my publisher's store. $15 value. :)

Here's a link to my website with more of the contest info, and good luck to you all! And thanks a bunch for helping me out in my complete inability to make a decision, but at YOUR benefit! hee!

Personally, I LOVE the one with the sword the best, but it's your call! :D
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