Adrianne Brennan (adriannebrennan) wrote in eroticgothic,
Adrianne Brennan

Excerpt - hot vampire sex in honor of the weekend!

Here's an excerpt from Blood of the Dark Moon. Click here to read more about this book....

Welcome to Clan Gladius.

Before Amanda knew it, Jesse's head was between her legs, his teeth scraping over her sensitive folds. The noises at the back of her throat sounded to her like they came from someone else. His fingers reinserted themselves, reminding her of that intense dream that she had a while back about him—and she realized with a start how much it had tried to tell her in advance.

That was no dream.

The constant stream of telepathic messages would've unnerved her at any other time or place, but she was drowning in a sea of euphoria and incapable of caring. His tongue moved over her most sensitive spot. He touched her tiny but swollen bud which nearly made her scream. Then he began to gently suck on it, his fingers continuing to do their snakelike dance in and out of her slick entrance.

Before she could be pushed over the edge, he removed both his fingers and his mouth abruptly and dragged his tongue up and over her body. By the time he had passed her breasts and made his way to her neck, she was incapable of thought.

It was then that he impaled himself inside of her, and with the same motion, drove his fangs into her neck. The room went white as the waves crashed over her again and again.

Encouraged by a mental nudge from him, she sunk her own fangs into his neck. The two joined in a state of unnatural bliss. Jesse slowly moved in and out of her, relishing every moment that the two were joined. The strange connection that Amanda had sensed earlier between them coalesced in her chest. Surely her heart and body would both explode.

Mine, she thought she heard. It barely registered, drowned out by the tempo of their movements and the waves of delight which continued to wash over her.

Jesse thrust harder. The act came to a climax for them both, and in that moment Amanda experienced ecstatic fusion between her and him that she could only compare to union with a god.

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