Adrianne Brennan (adriannebrennan) wrote in eroticgothic,
Adrianne Brennan

The Oath, Book 1: Bound is now available! BDSM/fantasy/paranormal

I am pleased to announce that book 1 in The Oath series, Bound, has been released by Freya's Bower! If you enjoy tales of magick, paranormal erotica, sex, BDSM and secret societies, this may be the book for you!
Genre: BDSM/Fantasy
Rating: Sizzling
Book Length: Sips
Price: $1.25
    Years ago, Lila pledged herself to the Greek god Dionysus, and the act of devotion changed her entire life. Now, her desire to serve has brought her to the doorstep of a secret society known only as "The Order". Through sexual magick and ritual submission she can become her truest self and achieve her magickal destiny.

    But the trials of the initiation challenge even the strongest of wills. Can Lila's transformation through erotic servitude bring her closer to fulfilling her dreams?

    Bound: Lila begins to learn the importance of the oath she has sworn and what it means to be bound.

Lila studied him with care. All she saw, with the black painted mask upon his face, were his intense, dark eyes that bored into her skull.

Nervous, she swallowed hard. No turning back.

The gentleman with the white gem grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. Lila sucked in her breath, unable to control the thrill that ran through her body at the rough gesture. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the black-gemmed male take hold of a rather elaborate flogger. From it hung numerous, long strands of thin black leather. With a sharp crack, it struck her side, and she winced. The sound reverberated in the small room. Lightheadedness filled her, and she surveyed her situation. Three men surrounded her and had her tied to what appeared to be two wooden planks in the form of a huge X, and this for the purpose of attaining self-knowledge?

I must be crazy.
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